• Welcome to my website.

    My name is Nicole Hartley Bradford, I am a Gaian Gameworld Builder.

    Do you long to be ALIVE and ON PURPOSE in more ways than you are so far?

    To find others committed to regenerating the world, with whom to Hold Space and Collaboratively Create?

    Do you long for a world and relating spaces free from war?

    I (with others) use distinctions, tools, maps and processes

    from Possibility Management (among others)

    in my/our research and Regenerative Culture-building work because these empower me to become ever more alive and on purpose, finding other edgeworkers for healing and tranformation and for radical collaboration and ending war.


    If you are part of or know of a Regenerative/Archan/Gaian Culture Project
    that you think would fit
    into the travel guide Experience Archiarchy,
    please let me, or one of the teammates listed on that website know.
  • My Current Offerings


    Mother Graduation

    An entirely new relationship with Mothering is possible.

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    Monthly Emotional Healing Process (EHP) Skills Introduction

    Are you a Rage and/or Fear Club Spaceholder? Or other kindsof Spaceholder?

    Do you want me to deliver an EHP Skills Intro to your next series participants?

    If YES, email me with a proposal

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    Evolutionary Village Weaving based on the Sunshine Coast in 2024

    I am now based on the BC Coast of Canada, and am collaborating with Edgeworkers from far and wide, and especially with those in this geographical area, to build Gameworlds contexted in Radical Responsibility.

    Questions? Contact Nicole.

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  • Acknowledgement of the Indigenous

    I am a first generation settler born and raised in the place called Canada, a descendant of settlers who colonized the place called South Africa.


    I acknowledge that massive injuries have been enacted on Indigenous People and land the world over, by the people of Colonial Culture.


    I take a stand for creating a culture in which this would be impossible.


    If you are of Indigenous ancestry, I thank you for putting up with so much, for so long.


    I am deeply sorry.


    Available online, globally, and in person in Western Canada

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    Conscious Feelings Work and Possibility Coaching

    Discouraged? Overwhelmed? Stuck?

    Recieve tools and coaching to become

    Ever More Alive


    Emotional Healing Processes use emotions to heal past energetic, mental and emotional wounds.


    Possibility Coaching prepares you for such processes, and takes things further on your healing journey of transformation.


    140 - 160$Can/€ for a 90 min personal session.


    450 - 570$Can/€ for a 4 week series with one call per week


    Book in for a 30 min call to meet me and/or to look together at next steps here.



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    Have you ever dreamed of switching over to a life that makes sense?

    Bridge-House is an Gaian Ecovillage, Archan Culture life-skills training environment.


    You have a piece of the puzzle of how to create and inhabit regenerative human cultures on Earth. One purpose of Bridge-House is to clarify, amplify, and launch your piece of the puzzle as your Nonmaterial Value in service to the Village.



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    Mother Graduation

    Wondering what the heck you'll do after your kids are grown?


    Discover Your New Job From Gaia


    I created a Mother Graduation for myself in March of 2022 after 30 years of Mothering.


    It changed everything. In a few years I will. be creating for myself a PhD Mother Graduation. Audacious?

    YOU BET.


    I want to empower other Mothers to create Graduations for themselves, so they can step powerfully into the next chapter of their lives, using the extraordinary space holding skills Motherhood trained you to have, levelled UP.


    Begin by booking a 30 minute call with me any time, even if Mother Graduation is years away.


    Momma, I want to hear all about you.



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    Money Club

    Struggling with The Money Part?

    Do the effects of materialism, mentalizing and profit-at-all-costs about money mess with your ability to have it flow on in?

    Team up with others upgrading their programming about money.

    Get On Purpose. Money becomes a side effect.


    Join the Money Club Experimenters Telegram Group as a warm up for Money Club.


    Be empowered to create a Money Club of your own.

  • Videos, Interviews and Articles

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    I write articles and post them on Medium.

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    Find a variety of videos; interviews, updates and introductory presentations on my YouTube channel.



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    Divyám'shu Konrad,

    Devalaya Community,

    Yogi, father, Naturopath,



    Nicole Hartley Bradford was living with me in our small community in Devalaya, Southern Germany for one month in July 2021. I am still sad that she had to leave due to visa regulations.


    She was an asset to our group bringing in her community living experience, knowing well how to deal with various characters in their individual stages of development.


    She has the rare gift to bring clarity in relationships, always to have an ear and a heart for peoples needs.


    Her Emotional Healing Processes and Possibility Coaching are priceless. She has full access to the tools of Possibility Management and her intensive life-experience as a mother helps her find solutions even in difficult situations. Her integrity and reliability are remarkable.


    She has skills in day to day life, in the household, gardening and cooking. Her modesty and contentment make her easy to get along with. Her presence proves to be a boon to anyone she is living with.


    I hope she will return here and I wish her all the best in finding the people to value her loving contributions. If You have any questions, please contact me.



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    Dor Sharabi

    Possibility Pirate and Coach



    Nicole didn't ask me to write this, and
    still, I felt it was important to me to share.

    Nicole navigated another healing process for me 2 days ago, and I have joy and clarity, now, about the "problem" I came with.

    This is not your typical modern culture psycho treatment or some tribal shamanic thing.
    This is a next-culture healing process and I recommend finding out for yourself what it means.

    I can say that I felt 100% safe, and was skillfully guided with Nicole. The process was a conscious-building experience, and at the end of it, I choose new decisions that have already changed my life.

    Sometimes I think I know what the "problem" is that has me stuck, frozen, despaired, but it takes a skillful Possibility Management trainer like Nicole to open doors and hold space, so I can get clarity on what is it about, and heal it.

    Thank you, Nicole

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    Christine Ploschenz

    Dancer, Teacher, Possibility Coach



    To work with Nicole is flying into Archiarchy which means so much more is possible from now than ordinary. For me Nicole is the queen of noticing and during the spaces we created, she was present with love and clarity. As a graduted mother I see and appreciate her wisdom of motherhood and it is ecstacy to learn and thrive with her.

    Nature Ojinika Mbanefo

    Glass Artist and

    Emerging Next Culture Facilitator


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    Birgid Rüger



    For me Money Club worked because of your strength, clarity and love. I was seen and heard. There was high awareness from you. You kept the space clean. I sensed no Gremlin had a chance to hook you. You gave challenges, very big important challenges. Wow, it was my chance to take the challenge and fulfill the challenge. Your explanation of the distinction between needing and wanting changed my life. I have been digging and digging through what I was conditioned to want and finally I come to what I really want. Thank you for that. I thank you for your work, everything you are doing, I have high respect for you as a Magician.

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    Kris Kelly-Frere

    Architect and Systemic Designer



    Nicole is a brave collaborator and nurturing community builder.


    I’ve had the privilege of working with her on a range of projects including work with Calgary on Purpose, as speakers for TEDxCalgary and an immersive learning session for the Systemic Design Exchange in Edmonton.


    When Nicole is in a room conversations get braver, the thinking gets deeper, and every voice is valued. She is an intuitive experience designer and a skilled facilitator.


    It’s a privilege to watch Nicole sharply challenge the status quo in tough conversations.


    I can’t wait to work together with her again.

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    Bastian Fenske

    SerVivo Community,

    Conscious Movement Facilitator, father, Portugal


    What are you angry about in your community? I mean, really: take a moment, take pen and paper and write down everything that comes to mind. What are you actually angry about?


    Why do I propose this experiment to you? My wish is to pass on a little bit of the empowering energy of clarity, of connection with our feelings, of integrity, of transformation and healing that Nicole brought to our community SerVivo.


    You could imagine it this way: 5 people living together in SerVivo, south of Lisbon, Portugal. We hold space for human potential development. We work with dance and bodywork. But also with nature, art, theater, music, clowning, meditation, ceremonies. Our guests and volunteers as well as the participants in our workshops and retreats, they love SerVivo. They come from all over the world. It is an oasis of just being human. Of being who you are. Of deep connection. Of transformation and healing.


    But old patterns crept into our community. Well-hidden from our eyes, well covered by unconscious fear. Oh yes, there is some resentment. And here and there I gave up. Am I really in my power in the team? How nourishing are our meetings for me? What am I holding back? How do I play small?


    Nicole is master at creating spaces to go deeper. She has developed a quality that I've never yet seen before to this extent: At the same time, being a crystal-clear spaceholder who can navigate all the waves in the space and to be vulnerable and visible as human being with feelings. She does not play in a professional role, does not hide behind the authority of her role in the space. She goes first. With an open heart. And she creates real connections. On the same level as everyone else.


    She is a team player and connected to the needs in the space. It is a great pleasure for me to work with her. She negotiates next steps with clarity and navigates towards more connection and common commitment.


    Nicole has my trust to guide me into and through the darkest corners of my underworld. The distinctions from Possibility Management that she offers are life-changing. If you want to create more connection in your community and more clarity; if you want to go further towards the unique gifts that only you can bring into the world and become even better in teamwork, communicate with more clarity and love, navigate your inner worlds and your relationships with more possibilities and orientation, then I highly recommend Nicole as coach and spaceholder.


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    from Dara, in Germany, about Emotional Healing Processes:


    You held space for me, where I could move from my wish and desire for true, intimate and authentic relationships towards becoming the source of that. Being the source of that means, to honour my wishes and my pain and to use them to create spaces where more is possible... to use all my feelings for that.


    Not waiting anymore until the "right" people come into my life or until I find myself in that spaces but to become that space of radical intimacy.






    from Emma, in Canada, a Patron on Patreon:


    I've always had this idea that it's like, if I had the chance to hang with Nicole, once a month, and chat and buy her a coffee - I would love to do it. And so I do, mentally anyway, by being a patron of hers on Patreon.

    I think she's up to really neat stuff. Next Culture, paradigm shifting, whatever you wanna call it. I see her out in the world, her world, facing life and making waves. I admire it. And it seems to be very in alignment with a lot of my values. I hope that what morsel I contribute helps towards her purpose and pleasure in life.



    From an edgeworker in Berlin:

    I can't believe how deep I went (in an Emotional Healing Process), how much I processed with you holding space. Wow! I had no idea I had that in me. Now that I processed it, I am lighter, bigger, sleeping better, relating better with everyone around me, and so much more is possible that did not seem possible at all before. I CAN HEAL! Thank you!



    From a NZ edge worker:

    What you are up to is astonishing to me. You bring so much wisdom from your lived experiences, as a mother, as a person who has been experimenting on the edge for so long in so many ways, falling down and getting back up, over and over and over. How you can be so loving is beyond me, and a real testament to what you must have done, inner work, to extract yourself from victim stories. I've never met anyone like you. You hold space like a magical force of nature.




    In the context of Modern Culture, Single* Motherhood is impossible.

    If you are a Single Mother, you are invited to join

    the Single Mothers Universe-ITI Community Group on Telegram

    Coaching for Single* Mothers


    *Distinction: in Modern Culture, all mothers are Single.

    Possibility Coaching empowers Single Mothers to create something radically different

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    I want to be on

    your team.


    My work with low-income Mothers is empowered by Patrons

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    monthly $

    (you decide)

    receive reports from my research: stories, photos, videos, and treasure I find during my Gaian Culture Building adventures.


    You can email me for any reason or no reason

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    The Magic Cow Bridge-House

    Sept - Dec 2023

    For 3 months in upstate New York, the Magic Cow Bridge-House was my home. In this Next Culture incubator, with Daway Chou-Ren, Meredith Witt, Devin Gleeson, and Eithne Leahy and special visitors, Magic indeed happened. The legends continue to be articulated.

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    The California Washing Machine and

    Lighting the Edge: May to July 2023

    and an amazing project in between

    Vera Franco and Devin Gleeson held space for an Expand the Box and Possibility Lab in the California Nevadas.

    Daway Chou-Ren originated a Next Culture gathering called Lighting the Edge; I was on the team.

    Woven around these, I lived and worked at Wanosh Forest Garden and Healing Grounds.

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    The Possibility Coaching Bridge-House

    First ever!

    For 3 months, in the village of Bavorov, Czechia, the first Possibility Coaching Bridge-House existed. I had the honour to be part of the team with the originator, Christine Durschner, and Martin Salanda and Gabriela Fagundes. We hosted clients and Possibilitators for intensive Healing and Creation weeks. Visit the Treasure Library created during this project.

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    Culture Caravan, Everything Edible in Sooke, BC, Canada

    and the Mama's Village

    May, June and into July this magical series of constellations converged, diverged and re-converged in ever new versions. With children, in a food forest by river and sea, extraordinary humans-in-process of initiation and discovery collaborated and evolved.

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    Federhof, Germany

    Gaian Possibilities for Families

    Federhof is growing from a family home and farm into a home, event space and farm for families.

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    The Devalaya Bridge-House, Germany

    Building a Bridge to Next Culture

    Bridge-Houses are places where people live and discover how to create more Bridge-Houses. I feel joy to have been part of the early growth here in the summer of 2021.

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    SerVivo, Portugal

    In service to SerVivo

    Gabriel Millinger and I brought possibilities to this remarkable dance community. We held over 18 spaces in two weeks catalysing radical honesty, healing, clarity, discovery and transformation.

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    Spring of 2021: The Washing Machine

    Six Transformational Trainings in Six Weeks

    1. Expand the Box with Scott East in Calgary, Canada

    2. Expand the Box with Sophia Magdalena Hofmann, in Ericeira, Portugal

    3, 4 & 5. Expand the Box, Possibility Village Lab, & Intimacy Journeyer Lab

    with Clinton Callahan and Anne-Chloe Destremau in Mafra, Portugal

    6. Possibilitator Training Gathering with Vera Franco in Mafra, Portugal (pictured)

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    Awakening House Temporary Permaculture Ashram (2015-2020)


    After much dreaming and discussion, I set up Awakening House in the fall of 2015 in Calgary, AB, Canada as a microcosmic experiment of The Village.


    Residents and visitors tasted and tested intentional living possibilities up until the project ended with a beautiful Death Ritual in the spring of 2020.

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    Awakening Caffe

    Seeding the Village

    Every Sunday evening for two years, I held space for talks, workshops, forums, speakers, celebrations, swaps, and more. Much magic happened in the cozy after-hours at Francesco's Caffe in Killarney, Calgary. I drew village around myself and experimented with many facets of Village-Making.

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    Awakening the Village

    Answering the Call

    Fertilized by Awakening Caffe, expansion started to happen into other spaces with other spaceholders, and Awakening the Village was born.


    photo by Phi Vernon, Third Eye Arts

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    Vibe Pod Bottom Liner and Mentor

    From 2015, I have been part of the two annual gatherings of ArcaTribe: Intention (5 days) and Symmetree (3 days), and the revival of EnVision, our organizers retreat.


    As Vibe Pod bottom liner I applied spaceholding technology to support the emotional well-being of all involved, during and between gatherings.

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    It takes a microVillage to build a microHouse

    It was an honour to be invited as a village weaver onto the building team that won 4 out of 5 categories with this hempcrete and timber beauty, "The 109," at the first ever International Grow Calgary MicroHouse Building Competition.


    The team included some of western Canada's most notable natural building pioneers: Dion Lefebvre, Christina Goodvin, Dori Lav, Melody Mossing, Brian Lavoie, Chad Gendall, Olivia Johnson, and Hemp experts Carl Martel, Erin Lindley, and Bonnie Mackay. Great Fun was had by all.

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    More for Men

    Men are the first casualties of patriarchy

    My love for the men in my life, and my work with Alison Armstrong empowered this two year project holding space for men to heal and create initiation for themselves.

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    The Tent City Symposiums at the Kinney Earthship (2015, 2016)

    near Vulcan, AB, Canada

    Time spent at the Kinship, Alberta's first Earthship Biotechture-built Earthship inspired me to undertake an experimental gift economy project with the remarkable poet, Ian Kinney.


    Glorious workshops, demos, herb and fossil walks, shared meals, games, drum circles and farm duties from egg collection to shepherding happened in the coulees of Southern Alberta, Canada.

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    Mother of Team Generys and the Wise Guys, beginning 1991

    Meet my four biggest inspirations

    My work is devoted to these four remarkable humans: Sagan, Tallis, Genevieve and Cerys, and to Gaia, to whom we are each inherent.


    Photo from 2007





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    And More

    Too many to list...but...

    Permaculture Guild Calgary, the AB Permaculture Convergence, One Tree Village (Dewinton, AB), Edmonton Ecovillage Hub, Studio M* , Aloha Aina Farm (Salt Spring Island), Featherstone Farm (Creston, BC), Cherry Hill EcoVillage (AB), Our Calgary Intentional Community (since evolved into the Herding Cats Collective), we brought Diana Leafe Christian to town, New Paradigm Hempery, Alchemy of Womxn (east of Edmonton, 2017 and 2018, pictured), The YYC Earthship Symposium, Project SaLV'age, FOODx, Calgary on Purpose, TEDx Calgary, XR Calgary Action and Training...oh my goodness I am missing so many.




  • My life and my work is

    empowered by others

    I use many distinctions, maps, processes and tools, some of which I create myself, and others learned from others. I am one of a global team of experimenters creating Next Culture ~ Archearchy.

    Of course, the influences began long ago...

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    My Parents

    Rowan and Carol

    My parents immigrated to Canada from South Africa after learning police where on their trail for teaching Black and Coloured people against the laws of Apartheid. They regularly took me and my two brothers camping and travelling, providing amazing learning experiences. My dad, Rowan, died in 1993. My mum, Carol returned to South Africa for 20 years to empower BIPOC of South African.

    Voracious Reading

    From babyhood I devoured books

    From the age of 5-19, I lived a 5 minute walk from a library and made many a trip across the field with bags of books.

    Today as a light-travelling nomad I am ever fitting in a small stack of books, inevitably from the Possibilitator Library, a non-centralized genius book sharing gameworld.

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    Atypical Education, Religion and Theatre

    Montessori, Private Catholic School for an Anglican kid, Parents on Staff, Theatre

    Some of my earliest memories are of Christ Church, Cranbrook and my Montessori preschool and kindergarten years. In grade 8 I went to public school, and had my only two years in a school without a parent on staff. Most of my highschool years were given to dance and drama, I performed in 7 plays in 4 years, including two awarded theatre festival performances.

    Global Adventure

    Now that's an education

    My first international trip occurred when I was one year old. Another at age 5, then a six month "World Trip" at 12, many steps of which I retraced as an 18 year old on another 6 month adventure in 1988. In May of 2021, I officially became nomadic.

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    Movement Modalities

    Embodied awareness

    Highland, Ballet, Jazz, Gymnastics, Track and Field, Soccer, Volleyball and Theatrical Dance

    Improvised Movement

    Hatha Yoga and Mi Lee

    Ecstatic Dance and 5 Rhythms

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    Becoming and Being a Mother

    I am the mother of four homeborn children; who have three fathers between them

    The ecstasy and pain of my experiences of motherhood inform my work with Mothers and Others.

    Permaculture, Simplicity, Upcycling, and Unplugging from Capitalist Empire

    I began studying permaculture in 1991

    A substantial set of skills grew out of necessity and imagination.

    The Self Realization Meditation Healing Center

    Raja Kriya Yoga, training in Pure Meditation, Natural Spiritual Healing, Progressive Counselling and the running of a SPiritual Centre

    This work at the BC Center and the Mother Centre in England comprised a remarkable chapter of my life between 1995-2006

    broken image

    Trauma Recovery Work and Emotional Processing

    Human emotions are not a design flaw

    My connection with fellow B-School Alumni (2011), Irene Lyons, introduced me to the work of Gabor Mate, Bessel Van Der Kolk, Stephen Levine.


    This contributed greatly to my foundation for the Conscious Feelings Work of Possibility Managment to come.

    broken image

    Understanding and Celebrating Men, Women and Partnership

    I am a graduate of Alison's core curriculum, the experience of which changed my life as a woman, and made me an even bigger fan of Men.


    Read Alison's article about ending the longest-running war in history.

    broken image

    ArcaTribe and ArcaLoves

    Pop up villages, Passion Shows and Vibe Pod

    The magnificent peers of ArcaTribe provided me five years of experience in collaboratively co-creating pop-up villages and creative retreats.

    Presence in Practice​

    Depth Dyad Work

    With Dolphin and Susan Kasper of Evolve Now, and with Anjeli Hill.

    broken image

    Non Violent Communication

    "I feel ____, because..."

    Nonviolent communication evolved from concepts used in person-centered therapy, and was developed by clinical psychologist Marshall Rosenberg beginning in the 1960s. Katrina Vaillancourt, the creator of the Love Smart Cards, made NVC accessible to me along with Lynda Switzer with whom I experimented to create workshops and peer to peer learning groups.

    broken image

    B-Loops, the Benome

    Philip's space holding made immense healing possible, preparing me for big next steps.

    broken image

    Possibility Management

    Possibility Management is highly effective and totally reproducible.

    In the spring of 2020, I encountered Possibility Management, which was originated by Clinton Callahan in 1975, and has been empowered by Anne-Chloe Destremau since 201?. Studying and using PM has been like putting my personal evolution on steroids (I don't love that analogy, but there it is).