• Village Builder

    Possibility Manager and Coach

    Inspiring and empowering eco villagers of today and tomorrow,

    as we come to terms with our oldest emotions and stories

    and our wildest dreams

    so we can more effectively escape the prisons

    that hinder our success

    and build something NEW

    Hear me say what I do, in a different way



    I have given many talks, like the one in this video for TEDx Calgary in June 2020

    photo courtesy of TEDx Calgary

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    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

    December 6, 2020
  • I am interconnected and supported

    by a global web of

    Next Culture Experimenters, 

    Trainers and Trainer Trainers

    I am a Possibility Manager using Distinctions, Maps and Tools from Possibility Management in my offerings. I connect, experiment and create with

    Possibility Managers worldwide.


    Here is the main

    Here are links to

    some of my

    most often visited PM websites:


    What Now?

    Become UnHookable

    Archearchy: Next Culture

    Conscious Feelings


    and sites of several

    Possibility Managers from and

    with whom I learn:


    Scott East, Bowen Island, BC, Canada: Bridges to Next Culture


    Amanda Killen, Colorado, Gaian Roots

    Scott, Amanda and I are

    part of the Trainer Path North America



    Dean Walker, Oregon, USA,

    Deep Academy:

    Tools for Living in a

    Time of Collapse

    Dean has (among other things) mentored me while creating offerings


    Anne-Chloé Destremau, and

    Vera Franco, 

    International Trainer Trainers

    Anne-Chloé and Vera guided me through countless Initiations and Trainings.


    We are together on the General Memetics Team creating experiments for the StartOverxyz game.


    Clinton Callahan, Originator

    of Possibility Management

    There is much I could say here...

    I'll let you read for yourself


    Please ask me for the links to any other resources you see me reference

    in other places, there are SO MANY.


    or...cool things I've been part of

    Awakening the Village (since 2014)

    Answering the Call

    In urgent need of my own village after my marriage ended in 2011, I began inviting people to gather, explore and connect to consider the themes foundational to "the Village it takes". Countless talks, potlucks, panels, workshops, celebrations, circles, one on one calls and visits happened over the years. Awakening the Village is the umbrella under which I "do everything."


    photo by Phi Vernon, Third Eye Arts

    Awakening House Temporary Permaculture Ashram (2015-2020)


    After much dreaming and discussion, I set up Awakening House in the fall of 2015 in Calgary, AB, Canada as a microcosmic experiment of The Village. Residents and visitors tasted and tested intentional living possibilities up until the project ended with a beautiful Death Ritual in the spring of 2020. The "phoenix" may be emerging in what we now call the Big Brown House.


    photos by me except where otherwise noted

    ArcaTribe Events

    Vibe Pod Bottom Liner

    From 2015, I have been part of the two annual gatherings of ArcaTribe: Intention (5 days) and Symmetree (a weekend), and the revival of Envision, our organizers retreat. My role as Vibe Pod bottom liner has been to apply space holding technology to support the emotional well being of all involved, during and between gatherings.

    The Hempshire 109 Project (2017)

    It takes a microVillage to build a microHouse

    It was an honour to be invited as village weaver for the team that won 4 out of 5 categories with this hempcrete and timber beauty, "The 109," at the first ever International Grow Calgary MicroHouse Building Competition. The team included some of western Canada's most notable natural building pioneers Dion Lefebvre, Christina Goodvin, Dor Lav, Melody Mossing, Brian Lavoie, Chad Gendall, Olivia Johnson, and Hemp experts Erin Lindley, Bonnie Mackay, and Carl Martel. Great Fun was had.


    photo credit coming

    The Tent City Symposiums at the Kinney Earthship (2015, 2016)

    near Vulcan, AB

    Time spent at the Kinship, Alberta's first Earthship Biotechture-built Earthship inspired me to undertake a gift economy project with the remarkable poet, Ian Kinney. Glorious workshops, demos, herb and fossil walks, shared meals, games, drum circles and farm duties from egg collection to shepherding happened in the coulees.


    photo credit coming

    And More

    Too many to list...but...

    Permaculture Guild Calgary, the AB Permaculture Convergence, One Tree Village (Dewinton, AB), Edmonton Ecovillage Hub, Studio M*, the 920A Live-In Library (Calgary, AB), Aloha Aina Farm (Salt Spring Island), Featherstone Farm (Creston, BC), Cherry Hill EcoVillage Coop (AB/BC), Our Calgary Intentional Community (we brought Diana Leafe Christian to town!), The Hempery (AB/BC), Alchemy of Womxn (east of Edmonton, 2017 and 2018, pictured!), The YYC Earthship Symposium, Project SaLV'age, FOODx, Calgary on Purpose, TEDx Calgary, XR Action and Training...oh my goodness I am missing so many.


    WHAT CLIENTS and COLLABORATORS SAY: more coming soon!

    Nicole is a brave collaborator and nurturing community builder. I’ve had the privilege of working with her on a range of projects including work with Calgary on Purpose, TEDxCalgary and an immersive learning session for the Systemic Design Exchange in Edmonton. When Nicole is in a room conversations get braver, the thinking gets deeper, and every voice is valued. She is an intuitive experience designer and a skilled facilitator. It’s a privilege to watch Nicole sharply challenge the status quo in tough conversations. I can’t wait to work together with her again. – Kris Kelly-Frere (Senior Innovation Designer with Vivo For Healthier Generations)


    Please email me to ask any questions

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